Linden honey

  900 g – 12,00 €

450 g – 7,00 €

250 g – 5,00 €

  130 g – 3,50 € 


Enjoy a tablespoon a day for better health!According to its sensory features, floral honey can be diversified, since it depends on the type of flowers the honey bees gathered nectar from. It is characteristic that it is somewhat light and has a medium to strong taste even very, very sugary with a spicy after taste. This type also has a sour taste, which is light to medium.

It can differ, from a hay yellow to brown. It depends on the type of vegetation and the amount of honey from the honeydew.Most of the time it is opaque and rarely transparent. It crystallizes rapidly and the crystals can be very tiny or big and coarse. The colour of crystallized honey is lighter than the non-crystallized type and it can be a light yellow to a light brown.
It can have a very pleasant odour: fruity, even after cooked fruit or fruit cocktail, or flowers in a meadow (violets, dandelions), alpine flowers, a meadow and wax.