Forest honey


900 g – 12,00 €

450 g – 7,00 €

250 g – 5,00 €

130 g – 3,50 € 


Since forest honey is a mixture of different types of honeydew, the specimens can differ a lot according to colour, odour, taste and aroma. It is characteristic for this type of honey to have no dominating type of honeydew and that there is a balance of sweet and sour in the taste. It is often mixed with floral honey, since the honeybees also visit the brushwood in the forest.

There is a variable palette of colours, from light to dark brown with a shade of red or green. It can be opaque or transparent (many times it has a shine similar to pine honey). It can be crystallized. If it is liquid it can be very stretchy (like pine honey).Light to medium.