In early August of 2011, Luka Fister, while picking mushrooms in the vicinity of Češnjice at Kropa, stumbled upon an unusual sponge.  On the beech tree nearby he noticed a swarm of bees on snow white honey combs.  His father, Marjan, informed my mentor, Miha Rozman, about his unexpected find.  When we first viewed this swarm, I decided that we have to find a way to preserve it.  The swarm was quite large and anchored onto the side of a large tree.  They had built their comb in 7 layers, 70cm long and 30cm wide!  I called my beekeeper friends to come and see this amazing masterpiece.  Together we made a plan on how we will rescue this beautiful swarm from certain death.  On Sat, Aug 13, 2011, we started to implement our plan.  First, we had to build a platform around the base of the tree so we could get closer to the swarm.  Then we cut the honey comb from the trunk and installed it into a special case.  This process required a lot of people but the most who sacrificed were Finžgar, Urban Rozman,  Miha Rozman and Blaž Ambrožič.  The extraction was successful and now the swarm lives in Selo in Bled.  This swarm is a very special one and is now a great attraction at my apiary for both beekeepers and visitors.  I am especially happy that my idea of moving this swarm was so successful as otherwise it would have certainly not have survived the winter.

Take a look at videotape on escaped bee swarm: